Happy Christmas

Haunn wetland area Rum in distance

Wishing all our guests, past, present and future, a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Christmas is coming

We stopped to walk on the beach this afternoon on our way to the post office.  I had a long over due parcel to send, and some very late Christmas cards.  We also had a bigger problem.  Our number round the table on Christmas Day has doubled and the original bit of pork we had bought was no longer big enough.  It was our lucky afternoon as Dougie still had some of Fiona Boa’s local pork in stock, so that will work well to compliment the smaller bit we already have.

CM2_7780 (2)

In the haunnblackhouse blog I have been writing for the last few years I always refer to Somerset as ‘Farmer’.  I am not quite sure what to call him on this blog, so for the moment, until it becomes clear what will work for me best, I will try not to refer to him at all.

The wind is forecast to get stronger again tomorrow, with little respite until after Christmas.  We have just written to the guests coming for new year to offer them an extra night if they cannot get here the day they are booked to arrive.  The ferries can be disrupted, but it is rare that both Lochaline and Oban are off on the same day.   Best to check before you travel though.

A pre solstice walk

This morning the Studio guests left, in the dark, rushing for the ferry, along with lots of Mull families hoping to get away for Christmas early in case the ferries were disrupted again by more wild weather! I had been worrying about whether they were enjoying their winter break or not, as the weather had not been very settled during their 2 week stay. However C assured me yesterday when we said goodbye that they had loved it, even in the bad weather, and when they came next time they would like to stay at Haunn!

Winter stormy sea

I walked the dog to Calgary this afternoon. I had not realised quite how windy it was, and with the wind behind me, I was nearly blown off my feet at times. A wild and wet walk felt like a good way to celebrate nearly being the shortest day. The tides are really big at the moment and huge waves with spindrift were breaking on the rocks half way along the bay. Half way we found some shelter from the storm, but there was no way I could have walked back into the wind, it was just too strong. Finally I met up with Farmer and got a lift home.

This is a photograph of Shian and Duill taken last winter, as the sun was setting.

Shian and Duill

This is my first blog and as I am sitting by the fire, with a solstice storm blowing outside, I thought I would keep it short and just wish you a happy solstice for tomorrow.