Yarn bombing

I had never heard of yarn bombing before today. We were in Oban today, and on our way to the Oban Chocolate Shop and cafe when Farmer spotted this. (highly recommend going there as the coffee is delicious, and we spied lots of people enjoying waffles…)


It took a while but eventually someone explained that this was yarn bombing. And the reason behind this was to raise awareness of the plight facing the play park outside the leisure centre. It had been condemned/closed at short notice. So the children had nowhere to play. Funds are being raised to build a new park.


So a pathway of yarn bombed lampposts leads to the leisure centre.



We were racing to get the ferry so I didn’t have a chance to photograph any more. The car was full of things we needed to get for the cottages – spare kettles and toasters (they don’t seem to last that long), lamp shades, wall lights for Shian bedroom, tiles for the new kitchens – and dog food!