Will we? Won’t we?

Everyone is talking about the Aurora Borealis! Recent solar activity indicates that tonight could be a very good night for seeing them. Treshnish has perfect dark skies and a north facing coastline. However…tonight’s weather forecast is for a cloudy night. Forecasts can be wrong can’t they? Please?

Last year I saw the Northern Lights quite a few times, and became quite obsessed with checking forecasts and looking out of the window on dark clear nights to see if anything was happening.

Possibly one of the most amazing experiences of my life (really) was in the middle of October. Here is a photograph I took that night, half a mile away looking over Calgary Bay.


And here is one I took earlier in the year, from the garden gate. How lucky was I?!


I will be looking out for them, with my heart in my mouth, and with fingers and toes crossed.