Information on Mull Wildlife

In the Phone Room, we have a library of wildlife reference books with information on Mull wildlife as well as more general Hebridean and Scottish books.
There are also spare binoculars (in case you forget yours), local books and maps guests are welcome to borrow.

Birds (recorded on the farm)

159 species of Birds.  Prasad’s full Treshnish and North Mull bird lists are available on his blog, and we have his book in the Reference/Phone Room.

Moths and butterflies (recorded on the farm)

256 macro-moths (high effort), 95 micro-moths (with minimum effort) and 18 butterflies.

Moths of special interest include:
Bleached Pug (NSb), Scotch Annulet (NSb), Great Brocade (NSa), several large colonies of Transparent Burnet (Nsa) and The Grey (RD3).

Moth status key
NSb = Nationally Scarce b, recorded in 31-100 10x10km squares
NSa = Nationally Scarce a, recorded in 16-30 10x10km squares.
RD3 = Red Data Book 3, recorded in 15 or fewer 10x10km squares

Plants (recorded on the farm)

373+ species of Flowering Plant species.
Arable plants include: Corn Spurrey (V), Welsh Poppy (NS) and White Ramping-fumitory, a rare plant on Mull.
15 species of orchids:
Heath Spotted-orchid and Heath Fragrant Orchid are abundant throughout the farm.
Common Spotted-orchid, Northern Marsh-orchid, Greater Butterfly-orchid, Early-purple Orchid, Common Twayblade are abundant in the late mown in-by meadows.
Rare orchids in the meadows include Frog Orchid (NS, V, BAP), Small-white Orchid (V, BAP).
The upland areas hold high numbers of Bog Orchid (NS) and small numbers of Lesser Twayblade and Early Marsh Orchid.
Treshnish wood holds the rare Narrow-leaved Helleborine (NS, V, BAP), Bird’s-nest Orchid (NT) and Broad-leaved Helleborine, a rare Mull orchid. Common Twayblade is also common in the wood.
Treshnish in-by fields hold several threatened flowering plant species:
Field Gentian (V, BAP) and Wood Bitter-vetch (NT, NS).

Lichens and fungus (recorded on the farm)

Treshnish probably holds the highest concentrations of Hazel Gloves fungus in Britain (and Europe).
Treshnish hazelwoods are also the home to several extremely rare lichens, including: Arthonia excipienda (NT, NR), Arthothelium macounii (V, NR, BAP, IR), Pseudocyphellaria norvegica (NS, BAP, IR), Pseudocyphellaria intricata (NT, NS, IR)