The month of March sees the Farmer begin to prepare for lambing. The ewes are all gathered in and split into groups. The younger ewes and those expecting single lambs are sent back to the hill, whilst the twins and the older ewes stay close in-by to have a bit of pampering!

Hopefully by now the winter work we have been doing on the cottages is now complete and the holiday season will start in earnest. We have visitors all year round, those holidaying at this time of year, are enjoying wild weather (at times), sunny beaches (at times) and longer daylight hours. There is also the chance of catching the mystical Aurora Borealis on one of the dark clear nights.

Signs of the approaching Spring are a welcome joy – however tiny those signs might be.  We look for the grass to start growing slowly greener, for tiny clumps of yellow primroses appear in sheltered places safely away from grazing sheep. Around the farm Tawny Owl and Golden Eagle are nesting and starting to lay their eggs. Hares are seen crossing the farm yard in the early morning or gathering in the garden even!  The Woodcock departs for the summer months.

Look at Prasad’s blog too, for records of the wildlife he sees at this time of year. He started his blog in 2009 but his records go back to 2006.