July & August

July/August – is an eventful time on the island with school holidays in full throe, yet you can still find quiet places to go and hidden beaches to discover.   Family holidays!  Buckets, spades and beach Olympics!   Cooking over a fire on a beach, and mucking about in boats. 

We are busy shearing sheep and making silage on the farm.   The cows enjoy the ‘aftermath’ once the silage is cut, a fresh flush of grass growth.   The stack of bales piled in the ‘stack yard’ signifies the beginning of Autumn for us, the ‘harvest’ safely in and stored for winter. 

Watch out for the Salen Show, the Bunessan Show and the family ceilidh held in the Dervaig village hall.

By late summer, we take the lambs off their mothers and sell them as Quality Assured store lambs or young breeding stock. 

Deep blue and white swallows dip and dive in front of you as you drive along the track to Haunn.   They nest in the farm steading at Treshnish as well as around the Haunn cottages and it is always a delight to watch them in flight.
Devils’ Bit Scabious, Field Gentian and Knapweed – vibrant hues of purple and blue – flourish at this time of year in the fields along the track from Treshnish to Haunn. Look for the rare sun-worshipping Field Gentian.

You may spot an Otter playing along the shore at Port Haunn or near the mouth of the Ensay Burn and there is an abundance of butterflies and moths at this time of year.

The hills are carpeted with glorious purple heather.