Reaching February on Mull takes us a little further away from the short, sometimes very dark, days of midwinter. It marks the time for the cows to begin to calve, wobbly shiny doe eyed newborns are always a wonder to watch.

The fishing boats set off again, you can track the ferry heading out across the sea to Coll and Tiree from your Treshnish cottage doorstep.

There are usually plenty of opportunities for eagle sightings around now.  We often see them near our house and along to Haunn.  In 2010 we put up two Barn Owl nesting boxes to a design recommended by the Barn Owl Trust. We don’t tend to go near the boxes during the nesting season, but this winter we are going to go with a ladder and clean them out, and see who has been using them. We have Barn owls living on the farm, we just dont know if they are resident in the boxes!