Any sign of the Aurora Borealis tonight?

Aurora Borealis was visible from Skye last night, and apparently it should have been visible from here. But I didn’t realise. So I didn’t look. I was gutted to realise that I could have been out enjoying the northern lights again. I will look tonight for certain. We are so lucky that we can just step outside and look for them without having to get in a car. The dark skies over most of Mull are so clear when the weather is right.

To make up for the disappointments of last night’s failed northern lights viewing, here is another photograph from that magical night last October when I stood, watching the northern lights, listening to stags roaring (it was during the rut) on the hill above me, and to the waves lapping on the shore below.


We had moments of brilliant sunlight today. As well as some ferocious rain and hail showers and squalls coming in off the sea.


The Dervaig Dogs

It has been another glorious day here. Full blue skies after a frost overnight, and icy roads earlier in the morning.

We have a fantastic local shop in Dervaig and went this morning to do some shopping. We can get almost everything we need here, and Dougie will do pre-orders for our guests if they contact him through his website. This means guests can arrive off the 4pm ferry from Oban and pick up a box of groceries from Dervaig on their way to Treshnish. Shopping local, what could be better?

These two dogs were calming sitting in a farmer’s pick-up outside the shop – they are a familiar sight around the village!


This is Walter, not so calming sitting in Farmer’s quad bike at Treshnish! This is a familiar sight around the farm!


Too late to go back now

You would think I would know better by now, having installed a lot of new double glazed windows in the last 19 years, but I honestly think I just forgot.


I forgot to ask the builder if the double glazed windows for Shian and Duill needed extension cills or not. Anyway I didn’t ask, and therefore I didn’t order them. There is plenty to be getting on with between now and when they arrive, so it won’t hold the project back but it did cause me a little bit of stress this morning. It is too late to stop now! The doorway from the sitting room in Shian out to the sunroom is now open!


The founds for the Duill sunroom have been started.


It was a beautiful day – all day – which helped get over the mega disappointment that we, and thousands of other star gazers, felt about the enthusiastic forecasting for last night’s Aurora Borealis! (It came to nothing over our heads anyway). And I will keep looking out on clear dark nights.


I had a grand walk in the afternoon down to Calgary which made me feel a whole lot better.

Will we? Won’t we?

Everyone is talking about the Aurora Borealis! Recent solar activity indicates that tonight could be a very good night for seeing them. Treshnish has perfect dark skies and a north facing coastline. However…tonight’s weather forecast is for a cloudy night. Forecasts can be wrong can’t they? Please?

Last year I saw the Northern Lights quite a few times, and became quite obsessed with checking forecasts and looking out of the window on dark clear nights to see if anything was happening.

Possibly one of the most amazing experiences of my life (really) was in the middle of October. Here is a photograph I took that night, half a mile away looking over Calgary Bay.


And here is one I took earlier in the year, from the garden gate. How lucky was I?!


I will be looking out for them, with my heart in my mouth, and with fingers and toes crossed.