Storm Gertrude

Haunn Storm Gertrude Mull

Storm Gertrude arrived overnight. I managed to sleep through most of it. This morning the sea below the house was huge, massive rolling waves, and dramatic breakers up against the rocks at the Ensay burn mouth and up into Calgary Bay.

Haunn Storm Gertrude stacks

Once Farmer had finished feeding the sheep, we headed off to Haunn and walked down the slippery path, battling into the gale, to the cliffs beside Dun Haunn. The waves breaking over the stacks were dramatic as was the white white surface of the sea like a wonderful wide ribbon curling round the coastline.

Mull Treshnish Storm Gertrude

The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks was deafening and it was difficult to stay standing much of the time.

Storm Gertrude Haunn Mull

Walking into the wind was good exercise too!

Storm Gertrude Mull Haunn stacks

Having watched it for a time, we headed back up the path, much quicker, with the wind behind us – and returned ourselves to the working day.

Storm Gertrude Treshnish Mull

Thankfully we don’t seem to have had too much damage.  We could have done without a sheet of insulation taking to the skies and breaking up into bits all over the Haunn field though.  I suppose it will give us something to do when the storm subsides.   We had guests booked to arrive today, but the ferries were all cancelled.   We can offer them a full week starting tomorrow to make up for their lost day, as there is no one coming into the cottage the day they leave.

Treshnish Storm Gertrude Mull