Storm Angus

Storm Angus

It is difficult to imagine that Storm Angus is raging in England.  (I hope it has passed through without too much disruption.)

Here we have had the most beautiful day.  It started off with minus temperatures which made the school bus run interesting, and north facing ground has had frost on it all day.


Walking through

Farmer had to put the last three tups out with the ewes in the Beyond Haunn field.  I accompanied him as it was such a beautiful morning. What a view!   The walkers walking through the field towards the Haunn gate were taking their time, stopping to watch the tups and look at the view, taking photographs and sitting just gazing at the view – as you do when relaxing on holiday!


Rum with snow on top

Rum’s mountains had a little more snow on them today than yesterday.  It is unusual for us to have snow here at Treshnish but Mull’s Ben More was white this morning too.


White tailed eagles

We were treated to the giant sight of a White tailed eagle slowing flying low over the fields on our way round to check the sheep on the way back.  I didn’t get a photograph of it but it was as always an astonishing sight.   In the photograph below the tups are the two on the left.  Just let out in to the field with some of the hill ewes.  It was amusing to watch the ewes run away as if being chased by a pack of wild dogs!   They will settle down..