Sleeping otter

I haven’t ever seen a sleeping otter but yesterday at Langamull, Prasad did, and he got some great photographs and video footage of it. As many of you will know Prasad lives here on the farm, and records the wildlife he sees on his blog – One place he goes back to again and again is Langamull, and yesterday he took advantage of the beautiful weather (in sharp contrast to today’s!) to go for another walk there.

For those of you who don’t know, Langamull is a beautiful beach about 4 miles from Treshnish. It is a wonderful place to spend some or all of the day, as not so many people go there, and you can find you have the beach entirely to yourselves – and the otters perhaps!

Anand Prasad sleeping otter Mull
Photograph by Anand Prasad

This beautiful dog Otter came ashore about 10 feet away from where Prasad was standing. Prasad watched him for quite some time, preening and grooming, before he curled up and went to sleep, in the sun, in a sheltered bit of last year’s bracken. An hour later when Prasad walked along the same bit of ground, he looked over and the Otter was still there, still fast asleep. What a wonderful sight it must have been.

Sleeping Otter Mull Anand Prasad
Photograph by Anand Prasad

Prasad has put some video of the sleeping otter up on his blog, so please do have a look!

Mull sunset near Treshnish cottages

While Prasad was watching a sleeping Otter, I was over the other side of the hill from Treshnish, enjoying the sunset light on Ben More from Loch Tuath, and looking at the sculptural shapes of some of the elderly Atlantic oak trees along the road between Burg and Torloisk. It was a beautiful evening to end the month of March, and looking back, for us March was a kind month this year, some really beautiful weather and not too many gales.

Mull otter coastline wildlife mountain