Shieling review

Shieling review

To read the Shieling review written by Visit Scotland Ambassador Ellis O’Connor, please click on the link here.   One of the lovely things about running a self catering business is meeting the guests, and Ellis was no exception! We had come across each other on Instagram and it was great to meet her face to face.  She made the most of her few days here, managing to get across to Iona and down to Carsaig in the one day! Thank you Ellis for coming to stay with us, we will look forward to seeing you again.

In other news

The weather has continued to be amazing!   Perhaps I should apologise for posting too many sunsets but they have been wonderful and it seems a shame not to.

Shieling Review Treshnish Mull cottages sunset

Wild flowers

The wild flowers are coming… this evening I went along the shore below the Treshnish Cottages and found lots of Thrift (sea pinks) on the rocks, Bluebells growing along the cliffs, and Marsh Marigolds in the boggy areas.   Spring is so worth waiting for! I have put some photographs up on the farm blog.


It was lovely to see a Sundog last night as the sun was beginning to set.

Sundog Treshnish Mull cottages review Shieling

How’s the lambing going?

Well I think it is beginning to slow down now.  We think about 90% of the ewes have lambed now,  and the strain is beginning to show on Farmer.  All the very early starts and energetic days checking the fields and walking out along the coast and on the hill.  I was in Oban yesterday and when I got back I discovered that he and Daughter had put up 2 hammocks down in the birch trees below the house.  In fact we spent down half an hour there late afternoon today, relaxing in the sun, away from work.  It was completely blissful.

Review Shieling Treshnish Cottages Mull hammock

Looking ahead

As I was walking this evening I was thinking about the blogs I have written and what I really enjoy.  I started the farm blog in 2009 and just wrote whatever I felt like writing.  Guests would mention it and say they enjoyed it, which was very kind. And I just kept doing it.  If I had lots to share I would write almost every day.  If not then more sporadically.  I had a daily photo blog too, and I have just posted my last photograph on that, because I do Instagram instead.

Since starting the blog on the website I have done a few blog writing courses and been taught different ways of doing it, to maximise SEO and so on. To be honest, I think it has spoiled the art, for me, of just honestly sharing our story.    I think I have decided to go back to just telling the story, and hope the keywords come of their own accord!  So watch this space!

Treshnish Mull cottages sunset Shieling review