Scottish Rural Awards

We were astonished (but very delighted/embarrassed in equal measure) to be nominated for the Scottish Rural Awards in the Agriculture section.  We don’t know who did it, but assume it was one of our guests as they nominated us Treshnish & Haunn Cottages rather than Treshnish Farm.   Anyway whoever it was, thank you very much!   We were contacted by the Scottish Field who host the Awards, and asked if we could submit some information about what we do on the farm – which I did, and some time later, we were invited to attend the Awards Dinner.

Scottish Rural Awards Treshnish Mull agriculture

This is being held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh at the end of the month, but it is just when we need to be putting the ewes through the fank for their last check over before lambing and it is really not a good time to be away from the farm.  I suppose there is a slight irony in that! I am sure it will be a grand evening, and I am a little sorry that we will miss out on the razzmatazz and Fred MacCauley too!

Scottish Rural Awards Mull Treshnish Farm

On the farm the birds are behaving as if spring is in the air.  Some of our guests were treated to a fantastic display from the resident Golden Eagles over near Crackaig, which sounded wonderful – there are 3 definite pairs of Greylag hovering around the fields in front of the house and by the farm buildings. In the sunshine today the sparrows were chattering wildly, and there was a Hare in the garden again – which is always lovely to see. Farmer is feeding a lot of sheep, as the ewes approach lambing it is important to make sure they are in good condition. The field by the house has the Blackface ewes carrying twins, and they all look well, enjoying the good weather.

Scottish Rural Awards Mull aurora Croig

Good weather by day has given us some fantastic clear skies at night – last night I went to Croig, one of my favourite aurora locations!

Scottish Rural Awards Croig Mull aurora

And when I got home, I caught an Iridium flare from the house.

Scottish Rural Awards Mull Treshnish iridium

March is a busy time for the cottages this year – not only are we finishing off the winter work, but we have lots of cottage bookings too.  There are still a couple of spaces left at Easter and during April so please get in touch if you would like to book.