A pair of March hares

I finally managed to get some photographs (albeit through a seasalt-encrusted double glazed window) of the pair of March hares that visit our garden every morning. It was a magical experience getting so close to them, though they scarpered when I tried to get a shot without the salty ‘filter’ and opened the window.

Hares in garden

If I remember rightly, mountain hares died out on Mull a long time ago, and were re-introduced from Ireland. (more information on Prasad’s blog) They never seem to get any whiter in the winter than this. We are lucky and enjoy encounters with them all year round, sometimes seeing 4 together.

This morning, Farmer found the remains of one in the field below the house, a reminder that nothing lives forever…

Hares, hens, elephants

I will keep trying to get a closer shot of them, as long as they keep visiting. They are playing havoc with our seedlings in the veg garden, but we forgive them!