Northern lights

The northern lights were strong again in the night, before the moon rose. They were visible with the naked eye – wonderful shafts of light, fingerlike, reaching high in the sky, towers of light. The camera picked up the colours which the eye could not see. There are myriads of stars and a slight breeze. Everyone else had gone to bed, and I hesitated about waking them.

Mull cottages Northern lights

As the days are getting longer the time window for seeing the northern lights is getting narrower, and soon it will remain too light for the aurora borealis to be visible, but instead as compensation hopefully we will have magically long days and wonderful sunsets!

Mull Northern lights

The sky was lit up with waving tall pillars of light further to the north west and to the north east that usual – a wider arc of green with at times some very very strong towers shooting up into the stars.

Northern lights Mull cottages

time lapse northern lights mull

I decided, a bit late in the northern lights season, to do a time lapse. I have never done one before, and I set the tripod and camera up in our bathroom. My 1hr plus time lapse made a snipped of a movie! If you have Facebook you can see it on our Facebook page.

Bathroom northern lights Mull

Farmer was not out of doors in the middle of the night with me. We have the first lambs arriving so his time table is more early to bed, early to rise at the moment. Sadly our first lambs, born yesterday morning, are orphans so are being lovingly bottle fed by Daughter and pals as it is still the school holidays. Another calf was born earlier this week and the remaining late calvers are out in the field in front of the house now. They seem pleased to be out.

Prasad has been watching out for the Golden Eagles on the other side of the farm. The old male, we nicknamed the golden oldie, hasn’t been seen for some time. There is activity on the nest site but he is pretty sure it is a new pair of Golden Eagles, which is interesting. It is sad not to know what has happened to the oldie but exciting to think the nest might be successful again, as it has been in the past. Prasad’s blog has some great photographs of the new pair and his thoughts on the situation.