New self catering on Mull

We have been planning a new eco self catering unit here on Mull for some time. The architects drew up plans for a turf roof cabin at the woodland edge last summer. Unfortunately our plans to have it ready for the spring 2014 were thwarted by a planning condition concerning the road junction – on land we do not own. This has set the time scale back a bit.

However we decided that we would still build a turf roof cabin in time for spring 2014, but to a slightly different design.


It is not at the woodland edge but is located close to our veg garden. Made from lots of recycled bits and pieces, including the red and blue pallets which we have been saving for something extra special. The turf roof is seeded with butterfly and bee friendly seed.


I love it. And I am hoping pollinating bees, insects and butterflies will love it too. The first of many I hope to built in various corners of the farm.