Mull summer

What can you expect of the weather during a typical Mull summer? Well, I suppose the answer is that nothing concerning the weather is typical any more so it is difficult to know – so it is best to come prepared for all kinds!

Mull summer Treshnish holidays

It is impossible to predict the weather in the way that we might have done 20 years ago, when we ‘knew’ that the early summer months of May and June would be more sunny than wet, that July and August would be likely to be mixed, that September and October would often provide an Indian summer… yes, there is a little bit of nostalgic rose tinted spectacles in that last sentence, but there was certainly more of a pattern than there is now.

The cottages are cosy whatever the weather and if your waterproofs are needed and get very wet, you are welcome to hang them in our boiler house.  We have TV in some of the cottages, and those without there are a selection of books and games.  For those with laptops/DVD drives we have a growing selection of DVDs in the Phone Room you are welcome to borrow.

Mull summer ragwort tweed coat

Whatever the weather, there is lots going on on Mull during the summer months. The Highland Games takes place in Tobermory in late July; the agricultural shows take place in the first 2 weeks of August; there are events on at Duart Castle, at Mull Theatre and music at An Tobar. Look at Comar for details for the Theatre and An Tobar.

Mull Treshnish summer holidays hogweed

News from the farm is that the summer chores are well underway. Once shearing is finished, it is time to turn Farmer’s mind towards cutting bracken and topping the pastures. This can seem like a never ending task, but it is an important part of looking after the pastures and keeping the bracken under control.

Mull summer cloud Calgary Point

Come and enjoy the view whatever the Mull summer brings – even when it is cloudy and disappearing into the mist, it is beautiful.  We still have a few spaces left in the holiday cottages here at Treshnish from the end of September and into October. Please get in touch if you have any queries or would like to make a booking.