Mull in March

People quite often ask me what Mull is like in March. I can remember before I came to live here, forgetting that the spring might feel a bit later on Mull, even though it might be warm and mild. I suppose my advice always has to be that the weather can be mixed. Today has been beautiful. Some wintery showers for Farmer when out feeding the animals, but for most of the day strong sunshine. Some days it can be warm enough to eat outside, and it can snow.





Treshnish_MUll _daffs


The days are getting longer, and that is always a special part of March. You know the long summer days are not far away. And that we should be able to enjoy many, many sunsets like this one over Coll, which I photographed this afternoon.

Stars and daffodils

Recent clear skies have given me great opportunities to wander around in the dark with my camera again. Watching the stars, searching for the aurora borealis, and listening to the sounds of the night.