Mull Geology

Mull Geology

Mull geology is well worth learning about and today we took part in a walk here on the farm to do just that.  A very knowledgeable local Geologist led a Mull Geology walk this afternoon to Port Haunn.  The weather as you can see from the photographs was totally wonderful!  Sunshine and blue sky.  The brightness of the sun made all the different colours in the rocks stand out.


The walk to Port Haunn

The easiest route to Port Haunn is along the raised beach, but today, in order to look at these wonderful rocks and stacks we walked along the rocky shore.  Walking over the rocks is a bit of a scramble, but perfectly do-able with care.   The views to the Treshnish Islands were amazing, the sea was dazzling and the sky so very blue.  To the north, Tiree looked so close today.. a long lumpy line along the horizon!

Pahoehoe lava

It is fascinating to learn about the different aspects of the geology especially right on our doorstep!  I knew we had Pahoehoe lava here, however I had not realised it was all over the island.  What makes it special here is that the layers of Pahoehoe lava are much thicker than elsewhere.


Future walks

We are hoping that Mull Geology will lead other walks here in the future as we are sure our guests will be interested by them too.