A working Mull shed

We sometimes go down to Croig to buy fresh crab from the fishermen who work from this beautiful jetty and shed. Once a week their catch is collected from keep pots and brought in for ‘the landing’. It is then taken off to the mainland and may well end up in Spain or France.


Hard work even in good weather, we often see the Croig boat off the shoreline at Treshnish, and on very quiet still summer days you can hear them working lifting their creels.


Croig is a wonderful place to explore with beautiful views and hidden little beaches. You can walk from here round to Langamull which is another great beach.


There is not much parking space there in summer, but in the winter it is easy to leave the car by the No Cars gate at the jetty and walk along the track to several beaches at the end.





It was lovely to see the flag iris shoots begin to appear through the waves of kelp that have been washed ashore.