Mull days April

April draws to a close

Easter is weeks behind us now as Mull days April draw to a close.  Lambing is well on its way.  The blossom is out on the blackthorn.  We have had snow on the hills so it must be the end of April as this seems to happen every year!  The days are getting longer and this weekend is the May Bank Holiday!  Where did those Mull days in April go?!

Treshnish mull island cottages April postbox


I joined Farmer the other evening when he went to check the ewes in the fields around the cottages. The Haunn field is where Farmer is keeping the ewes expecting twins.  More than half of them have lambed now and as the lambs grow up they become more and more playful.  It is lovely watching little gangs of lambs chasing each other across the field or playing king of the castle jumping off rocks, tails flying! For more lamb photographs please have a look at our other blog!

Treshnish Mull island cottages April twin lambs

Peace and quiet

East Cottage looked inviting in the evening light.  I am always reminded at this time of year, one of our first Easters here.  We had worked hard all winter to get things ready for the first guests of the season.  It was Easter Saturday.  The sun was shining, about this time of day.  We came down to meet all the guests.   At this time there was no electricity at Haunn, and it was important to make sure everyone understood how to use the gas lights and heaters.   It was so peaceful and quiet, and everyone was standing around outside their cottages chatting and admiring the view.   As we left to go home, a group of Snow Geese flew overhead as the children staying the cottages ran wild out in the open.  It reminded me how lucky we are to have all this space and beauty around us.

Treshnish Mull cottages island blackhouses april

Mull days April

Every year we have a visit from the SRUC Countryside Management Students from Ayrshire.    We walk round the in-by fields as Farmer explained the practise behind our High Nature Value Farming ethos.   It is always interesting to see what we are doing through other people’s eyes – and there is always something to learn too.   It was a beautiful afternoon and very nice to have an excuse to be outside for a walk.

Treshnish Mull island cottages tree sea view april