Mull agricultural shows

Both the Mull agricultural shows are held in early August – one in Bunessan and the other at the pretty show ground at Aros Bridge. The Bunessan Show this year was on the 5th of August, and the Salen Show is today, the 11th of August. Farmer has already headed over there to help a friend who is showing his Cheviot sheep. I will follow shortly – the show is not to be missed, whatever the weather! We went to the Bunessan Show last year, and really enjoyed our day out. The Ross of Mull can be considered quite a drive from here, but the landscape you drive through to get there still astonishes me after 20 years.

Agricultural shows Mull Bunessan

Last week we went to Bunessan to see an American singer called Amythyst Kiah and passed the show ground with some of the tents already up in preparation for their show.

Mull agricultural shows

The other night I was driving past the Salen show ground and could see the beginnings of tents going up there too, in advance of today. The evening sun was catching the corrugated iron shed beautifully so I just had to stop and take a photograph or two. Unfortunately the weather forecast for today is not good, it will be full waterproofs and an umbrella for the camera I think! There is always so much to see, plenty of stalls to look at, the horses to watch in the upper fields, delicious Mull produce to sample and a great opportunity for people watching!

Mull cottages Treshnish agricultural shows

We haven’t ever shown our own sheep, though Daughter took Brownie her pet lamb one summer and took part in the young handlers class. If I remember correctly we were second – to last, but it was all good fun! This year because of the rabbit family living in the veg garden we haven’t got anything to show in the fruit and veg section either.

Mull agricultural shows Treshnish cottages

Bookings are steadily coming in now for 2017 which is lovely – so if you think you would like to experience the Mull agricultural shows for yourselves, please have a look at our availability page to see what spaces we have left!