March sunshine

We had plenty of March sunshine today – accompanying and, at times, warming a cold wind.  Brilliant-white white horses on a deep blue sea and scudding clouds across the bluest of skies.

March has set off for us at a speedy pace, with lots going on – and lots of guests too, which is lovely – but makes the winter maintenance list a little trickier to manage!

Treshnish Mull cottages Walter

Farmer had a night away in Tyndrum doing a course which enables him to use a ‘weed wiper’ to control bracken – ‘grandfather rights’ are ceasing so all farmers have to have a license!  He took his test on Tuesday morning after the day course, so he only had to stay one night away.

March sunshine Treshnish cottages Mull

Guests arrived for West Cottage this afternoon, and I went down to say hello, just as the day of sunshine was coming to an end.  It was bitterly cold in the wind, but beautifully cosy in the cottage.   Farmer helped me get it ready this morning, and it looked lovely with March sunshine streaming in the kitchen window.

March sunshine Haunn holiday cottages

Our guests were sitting enjoying a cup of tea and an Island Bakery biscuit when I went in, the fire was on, and the setting sun was coming in the other windows!  I felt very envious of them, knowing they had a holiday ahead of them and days to relax and unwind – and the cottage was so warm and welcoming, even though I say it myself!

March sunshine Treshnish holiday cottages

Having had wonderful sunshine all day, we were treated to some lovely late afternoon light. The ewes in the Haunn field were calmly spread out grazing. We have deliberately left the gates into the garden round East Middle and West open at the moment, hoping they will graze down the long grass on the bank outside West Cottage.

Treshnish Mull cottages March sunshine