March on Mull

March on Mull

It is March the 1st today – and it seems to have ‘come in like a lamb’.  It was beautifully sunny most of the day and the sun was warm.  I found a first primrose in the field below the Treshnish Cottages, as we walked the dogs this afternoon.  We didn’t see the Orcas that Ewan from Nature Scotland saw not that far from here.   But hey ho, can’t win them all..

Treshnish Cottages Mull aurora garden view

Tonight, early evening, the skies came alive with the strongest Aurora Borealis I have photographed in a long time. I think it might almost be a year since we saw a display like this evening! For the first time this winter I decided to go over to Croig and see if I could catch some colour on the high tide.

Treshnish cottages Mull aurora raining

I hadn’t ever experienced aurora with rain before, but I got quite wet on my first attempt. The rain clouds soon moved off and the skies cleared again.

Treshnish cottages Mull Croig aurora boat

The house at the end of the pier has an outside light on each evening, and it lights up the fishermen’s sheds beautifully. There was not a breath of wind. Sometimes I hear Herons and Oystercatchers but tonight it was quiet.

Treshnish cottages Mull Aurora Croig creels

The temperature was around freezing.  Millions of stars.    The waters of Calgary Bay on the way home were almost luminous so I knew the Aurora was still displaying and I could see the glow.   When I got back to the house, I set the camera up outside.  Farmer and Daughter came out to have a look.  Suddenly we could see shafts of light ripping along the Isle of Coll, dancing before our eyes.  It was so beautiful and so exciting – in the true sense of the word, it was marvellous..  humbling and awesome.

Treshnish cottages Mull Aurora over Coll

What a splendid way for March on Mull to begin.   Please remember, tonight we could see the shafts of light and the green glow.  The camera (long exposure) picks up the pinks and reds, the colours we couldn’t see.