Any sign of the Aurora Borealis tonight?

Aurora Borealis was visible from Skye last night, and apparently it should have been visible from here. But I didn’t realise. So I didn’t look. I was gutted to realise that I could have been out enjoying the northern lights again. I will look tonight for certain. We are so lucky that we can just step outside and look for them without having to get in a car. The dark skies over most of Mull are so clear when the weather is right.

To make up for the disappointments of last night’s failed northern lights viewing, here is another photograph from that magical night last October when I stood, watching the northern lights, listening to stags roaring (it was during the rut) on the hill above me, and to the waves lapping on the shore below.


We had moments of brilliant sunlight today. As well as some ferocious rain and hail showers and squalls coming in off the sea.