Too late to go back now

You would think I would know better by now, having installed a lot of new double glazed windows in the last 19 years, but I honestly think I just forgot.


I forgot to ask the builder if the double glazed windows for Shian and Duill needed extension cills or not. Anyway I didn’t ask, and therefore I didn’t order them. There is plenty to be getting on with between now and when they arrive, so it won’t hold the project back but it did cause me a little bit of stress this morning. It is too late to stop now! The doorway from the sitting room in Shian out to the sunroom is now open!


The founds for the Duill sunroom have been started.


It was a beautiful day – all day – which helped get over the mega disappointment that we, and thousands of other star gazers, felt about the enthusiastic forecasting for last night’s Aurora Borealis! (It came to nothing over our heads anyway). And I will keep looking out on clear dark nights.


I had a grand walk in the afternoon down to Calgary which made me feel a whole lot better.