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Treshnish Mull last minute offers

It was gloriously sunny down at Calgary this morning when I took Daughter to the school bus. It was 8am, and blissfully still, too warm for my winter coat (always a good sign!). The quiet was broken by the shrill call of Oystercatchers alarmed by us walking towards them. I wish they knew they didn’t need to fly off as we intend them no harm! They take off and land further up the beach, and as we get closer they do the same again. Finally when ‘cornered’ to close to the end of the beach, they fly out over the sea and back to the other end.

Mull Treshnish last minute offers

last minute offers Calgary Mull

We saw our first primroses yesterday and tractor wheel puddles full of frogspawn. So it really does feel that spring is on its way. Farmer has been giving our in-by Cheviot and Zwartble ewes a pre-lambing check up and they are back out in the fields now.

PS it is now evening and we have been treated to the first really technicolour sunset of the year – we have had good sunsets already but they haven’t been quite as colourful!

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