The hen harrier and the hunt saboteurs

A male hen harrier was hunting over the wetland beside the Coronation Meadow this morning. Farmer had seen him when he was feeding the sheep, hunting through the gullies, but when we spotted him later he was being mobbed by some hunt saboteurs – a trio of hooded crows.

This is one very fuzzy photograph, I do apologise, but I was hand holding camera and long lens, and they were a good distance away.


The sea eagle that Farmer had seen earlier on was nowhere to be seen, but it was wonderful to watch the hen harrier, so close to the Haunn Cottages. We watched them for quite a while until the hen harrier finally dropped down into the wetland out of sight.


And I never tire of seeing the Treshnish Isles even if they look a little hazy, it was that sort of a day.