Haunn Cottages

Searching for unique and peaceful Isle of Mull cottages? The Haunn Cottages are just that.   A two mile drive along the farm track delivers you to another world where three historic blackhouses nestle into the landscape, and a whitewashed bungalow sits alone in open landscape with wonderful sea views – Haunn is tranquil, beautiful and remote – a very special place.

East, Middle, West and Toechtamhor

East, Middle and West ‘blackhouses’ were originally crofters’ homes. Even in those days Haunn was remote, and the families who lived here survived by working on both the land and the sea. Their children walked to school from here, latterly to Mornish beyond Calgary, once the Treshnish school had closed. Toechtamhor was built in the 1930’s by a daughter of one of the Haunn families. She chose grand windows, much larger than the blackhouse ones – and thank goodness she did, as those large windows make the most of the wonderful views!

The uniqueness of Haunn

If you are searching for unique Isle of Mull cottages, Haunn could be the perfect location for you. It takes about 15 minutes to drive to the Haunn Cottages from the farm, along the uneven farm track through fields. At certain times of year there can be up to 4 gates to open and close. This distance marks the uniqueness of Haunn. It creates a feeling of stepping back in time and of being away from the world.  As you slowly drive along the farm track, you can leave the pace of modern life behind you! It is not so far though if you want to eat out locally.  Our nearest eating places are Calgary Tearoom or Am Birlinn.  Both are located between here and Dervaig – and open during the main season. Driving along the farm track is manageable in an ordinary car.

west_haunn_tempMIDDLE – sleeps 2
East_haunn_tnEAST – sleeps 2+1
West-Haunn_tnWEST – sleeps 2+1
Tmhor-from-hill_tnTOECHTAMHOR – sleeps 4+1

small_byreHaunn is a Norse word meaning ‘harbour’ and refers to the natural harbour cut into the shoreline half a mile beyond the present settlement. There is a ruin of a small ‘byre’, behind Middle.   The ‘kailyard’ was where vegetables were grown. By 1945 the last family to live here had moved to Dervaig. Some of their descendants still live on the island.

The Haunn cottages have been popular Isle of Mull holiday cottages since the 1970’s.
 Our task was to carefully renovate and restore them in keeping with their history and their exceptional location.  These ‘blackhouses’ are small, simple yet charming, cottages. Even the recent addition of electricity brings little apparent change to their peaceful atmosphere. In keeping with their original character, these remote cottages do not have T.V.s, washing machines or microwaves.

Discovering Haunn

We discovered Haunn by complete accident.  We had no map, no guidebook.  We walked along the track expecting open fields before reaching the sea.  It was a complete surprise to find the cottages nestling in the shelter of a hill, in full summer sunshine.   It was so quiet and so timeless. 
We moved here 6 years later and in planning the renovations over the years we have held onto our first impressions from that first walk here.

We have modernized and improved the Haunn cottages, adding electricity and bathrooms, but always being careful to minimize impact on the environment and the atmosphere at Haunn.

Peace and quiet

The peace and quiet at Haunn attracts wildlife such as red deer, which come and graze on the hill above the cottages.  Look out for otters along the shore. You can sometimes spot a hen harrier or a golden eagle from a cottage window. In early summer, orchids (common, butterfly, fragrant, frog, marsh and small-white) can be awesome in number. They are part of a rich diversity of flowers present and thriving in the carefully managed fields around the cottages.

In the Reference/Phone Room at the Farm (halfway between Haunn and the public road) guests are welcome to use the Payphone, our satellite broadband Wifi, a washing machine and an extra deep freeze. Treshnish and Haunn guests are welcome to use them.