After the festivities

We were all going to visit friends in Dumfries-shire for the weekend but then unexpectedly Farmer had to go down south for a day. So he took the overnight sleeper from Glasgow on the way down on Thursday night.

2014-01-02 00.09.58 HDR

Daughter and I stayed in Glasgow overnight. He arrived in London before 7am. We drove to Dumfries-shire in the afternoon. Farmer was able to get to Sussex and back in time for the 5pm from Euston back to Dumfries which arrived at 10pm. Job done.

It was wild, wet and windy on Friday so not a particularly pleasant journey down to Dumfries, but the next day we could all relax.

2014-01-03 15.18.01

Farmer went walking with his mate, the Artist.

P1200928 (1)

We even saw some sun.


Sunday morning, we were up and away early as the weather forecast was pretty dire, and we had received a couple of texts from Calmac warning of ferry disruptions, so we wanted to get to Oban in good time. It was an easy drive up, particularly with the shortcut from the M74 through Glasgow to the M8, which has cut about 15 minutes off the journey time.

2014-01-05 15.12.38 HDR

It was great to get away for a few days, and lovely to get home again. The guests from New Year have all gone, so it feels very quiet. On Tuesday some guests arrive for Shieling though so we aren’t on our own for long.