A faint Aurora

A faint Aurora showing last night, just as I was thinking about going to bed.

There was quite a lot of cloud about so I had to use a high ISO (5000) – hence the graininess of the photograph. As is becoming my habit, I spent over an hour outside with the tripod. It was not cold. There were lots of stars between the clouds. I was joined by one of the farm cats Thimphu. She came from Calgary as a kitten and is 16 years old now. She is the one who jumped into the Studio kitchen and helped herself to some of a wedding feast whilst the guests were all at the wedding on the beach. We now have a sign in each cottage asking guests not to be taken in her ‘I’m hungry’ look – she is amply fed and watered by her owners.

The aurora gradually weakened and the clouds grew in stature, at which point I could safely go to bed!


All too soon the season for the aurora borealis will be over and I don’t want to miss any!