Environment – What You Can Do

With your help, Treshnish & Haunn Cottages can become more eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly – every little thing helps!

(see what we are doing for the environment)

Enjoy your holiday

Mull is a beautiful, wild landscape – and a world class wildlife destination.

We hope staying at Treshnish will enable you to enjoy the magic of what Mull has to offer, with the satisfaction that you are staying somewhere eco-friendly, somewhere where your help can make a difference. Below are some ideas of how to be more eco-friendly on holiday!

Dervaig Post Office and Stores

Our local shop is the best! A growing selection of whole foods, eco friendly cleaning products, local produce (meat, ready meals and fish) means we hardly ever go to a supermarket ourselves!
The shop is open until 6pm Mondays to Saturdays, so if you are catching the 4pm ferry from Oban you should get here in time to shop! Please have a look at their website.
Supporting this shop helps the village and those in surrounding area who depend on it

Shop Local

Please shop in our local island shops
By using local suppliers and shops the whole island community is supported
If you don’t think you will arrive on Mull in time to shop in Dervaig on your first night, why not bring just enough food to tide you over for the first day, and then do your food shopping here on Mull
This is a great way of contributing to the local economy

Buy local produce

There are some fantastic food producers on the island and we helped set up the Mull and Iona Food Trail in 2015, to promote island produce and make it easier for visitors to source the fabulous local produce available
Dervaig Shop sells local pork and island venison, as well as Mull Cheese and Tobermory Fish Co. smoked fish.
Dervaig Village Hall holds fortnightly markets, and on alternate weekends there are markets in Craignure and Tobermory.
You can buy more local produce, including their own smoked salmon and trout from Tobermory Fish Company in Tobermory.
You can buy Mull Cheese from their farm near Tobermory.
Island Bakery biscuits are available in lots of shops on the island.
Glengorm Vegetables (in season) can be purchased from Glengorm Coffee Shop.

Take a tour – not the car

There are several very good wildlife tour operators locally.
Why not spend the day with them and reduce your own car use.
Take the bus from Calgary if you are taking one of the boat trips leaving from Tobermory or on a Friday use the Community Bus to get to Ulva Ferry.

Drive carefully

Driving carefully and slowly can reduce your fuel use.
Always check you are not holding up someone behind you!

Walk locally

Save fuel – why not enjoy some of the walks on the farm instead of driving to walk somewhere else?
See the leaflets in the cottage about local walks.
Please ask us for more walk suggestions!

Borrow a bike – or hire an electric one!

We have several bikes here which are available for guests to borrow.
Please ask us to show you which ones they are.
Mull Electric Bikes are available for hire locally. You can charge it here free of charge!

Turn the heating down

Please don’t leave windows open when the heating is on
Please turn radiators off in unoccupied bedrooms
Please ask for advice about energy saving during your stay

Use appliances carefully

Stack/fill dishwasher & washing machine carefully
Only use when fully loaded
Only half a tab required for dishwashers
Using 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees will save energy

Turn lights off

Please make sure your outside light is switched off
Please turn lights off in empty rooms and don’t leave lights on when you go out


Catriona’s Salon in Tobermory offers a variety of treatments including Indian Head Massage 01688 302234
Here at Treshnish you can have Cranio Sacral Balancing – see leaflet in cottage for details
Michael Shilson offers Shiatsu in Tobermory

Share your wildlife sightings with us

It is wonderful to share information about where and what everyone has been seeing, so please do let us know what you have seen.

Visit Prasad’s wildlife Blog at http://treshnishbirdlog.blogspot.com


Improving what we offer here in terms of accommodation, and reducing our environmental impact is an ongoing project.

We welcome your feedback so please let us know if you feel we could be doing things better than we are – environmentally or otherwise!

Help us to reduce landfill

Once the Glengorm landfill site is full, island waste will have to go to the mainland for disposal.
Please help by recycling as much as you can using the facilities we have created in the Recycling Shed.


Our natural rain or spring fed supplies are monitored and checked in accordance with regulations
When the burns (streams) look dry, it means the water supplies are running lower than usual, so responsible use at these times helps the water supply remain sustainable
At other times, surplus water (that we don’t use) finds its way to the sea, but it is still important not to waste water
Use a glass of water when you brush your teeth, rather than running the tap
Only boil the water you need each time – saves water and electricity!