We carefully manage our eco friendly Isle of Mull cottages under the guidance of the Green Tourism Business Scheme (The GTBS).

We have been members of the GTBS since 1999, and were awarded our first Gold Award in 2002. 12 years on, we have just been audited (August 2014) and we still hold that Gold Award! The bi-annual visits from the GTBS inspectors help to keep us on the right track. They ask a lot of questions as to what we are doing, and they offer a lot of useful advice. There is always something new to learn about, particularly as we want to keep improving our performance in managing the eco friendly cottages.

We were the first eco friendly cottages in Scotland to win both the GTBS Goldstar Award and the Carbon Footprint Award at the inaugural Green Tourism awards in 2011. Andrea Nicholas, Director of Green Tourism Business Scheme described us as ‘one of the ‘top 10′ Green Tourism Businesses in the UK’.

Our ethos after nearly 20 years at Treshnish is essentially still the same, though we are better at achieving our goals now than back when we first started out along this path. We want to improve our environmental performance as much as we can – whether it is protecting young trees so they can grow or insulating a cottage so it becomes more energy efficient. We think of the future when making decisions for today. We continue to monitor our energy consumption; we responsibly source and use materials; we support our local community and we re-use/reduce/recycle. We have adopted domestic scaled renewables to generate electricity and are now generating 80% of our annual requirements. We would like to encourage you to help us while you are here!

The Treshnish Green Policy 2016 is here.

Choosing a GTBS member for your accommodation should give you confidence in what is being offered, as the auditing process GTBS members go through is rigorous!

Please follow the links below to see what we are doing and how you can help whilst still enjoying your holiday in one of our eco friendly cottages!

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