A different sort of Red deer stalking

Treshnish is not a place to look for red deer stalking on the Isle of Mull, unless you want to use your camera as I did today.

Farmer wanted to check the hill sheep, in particular he was looking for a missing tup lamb. We didnt find the tup lamb but we found lots of red deer including this small group of hinds and a red deer stag on Ben Duill – we managed to sneak up quite close to them.

Ben Duill is the hill behind the Haunn Cottages. Climbing it gives you a wonderful almost panoramic view of the Treshnish Isles, Staffa, Iona, Gometra, Ulva and as far south as Jura, as well as out to the west over Tiree and Coll we could see Barra and South Uist today. Then to the north – Skye, Rum, Canna, Eigg and Muck. All bathed in autumn sunlight and blue skies. Anyway back to the red deer stalking with a camera… it was incredible to get this close.

red deer stalking Treshnish

It was tremendously exciting and reminded me of the glorious afternoon a year ago today, we spent not far off from this bit of the hill, watching stag TV! Today was the same, different groups of hinds and their calves being claimed or defended by warring stags. A lot of roaring and posturing and chasing.

Mull red deer stalking

All with the warm sun on our backs, and clear views all around.

red deer stalking Ben More