Christmas full moon

The Christmas full moon made several magical appearances through the clouds over Christmas. I had a lovely walk in moonlight in the early hours of Christmas Day, whilst everyone else in the house was fast asleep, and I was still awake having finished the wrapping a little late! It was very windy but wonderful to see the white of the waves crashing along the shoreline below the house and over on Calgary headland. I couldn’t get the tripod to stop vibrating in the wind.

Treshnish Mull Christmas moon

Last Christmas, over several days, we were lucky enough to have an aurora. This year, we were blessed with the Christmas Full moon instead! The last time the full moon and Christmas coincided was 38 years ago. I would have been at home in Angus for Christmas 38 years ago, but I don’t remember! The next time it occurs will be in 2034!

Treshnish Mull cottages winter moon

Christmas Day dawned cloudy and I wasn’t confident that we would even see the moon again. However just before midnight on Christmas night, we were lucky – the full moon appeared through the clouds. It was very clear. We stood and gazed in wonder on the doorstep. Not long after, in the first minutes of Boxing Day, the Christmas full moon produced a wonderful lunar halo. Even more magical!

Christmas moon Treshnish Mull cottages

On Boxing Day evening the moon was strong again, and the light on the field and over to Calgary headland was bright. I am afraid I was more ready for bed, than for wandering around outside, so I set the time-lapse and let it run! The result was rather beautiful, as the weather can be seen coming in and going away again, as it does during the day but we rarely see it at night! I have posted it here on Youtube, in order to save the loading speed of our website. Please do have a look!

Mull Treshnish Christmas cottages sunset