Calgary Beach in winter

Simply fantastic. Calgary Beach. Just myself, the dog and some wildlife. And the sun!


Things are marching on in Duill and Shian. The lead work was being done on Duill sunroom roof. The new kitchen window is in with its straight out to sea view. The plasterboard is all done and the plasterer arrives tomorrow. The decorator arrives this afternoon. He is an old friend of ours and stays with us while he has a working holiday.


Wood chip arrived for the wood chip boiler.


And a regular winter visitor was arriving for West Cottage so Farmer and I got that ready. It was lovely and sunny down there, and the cottage looked very inviting. I always wish I was staying down there myself. Every winter we plan to stay a weekend and we never do. Still we can walk on Calgary Beach in winter and get our relaxation that way, as I did this afternoon.


The hens have enjoyed the last rays of the sun as well.