Birds of Treshnish and North Mull

Birds of Treshnish and North Mull

Over the last 12 years Anand Prasad has been recording the birds of  Treshnish and North Mull.  He also records the flora and fauna.

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Book or Magazine

We have put all his records into a printed book called Birds of Treshnish and North Mull.  It is available for sale either as a hardback or in a magazine format.   Originally printed in 2013, it is an amazing record of what he has seen.  And gives a good indication of what birds to look out for!

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There are several pages of Prasad’s beautiful bird photographs in the book/magazine.    The photographs below were all taken last night, 7th June 2017, of the wonderful evening light near the Treshnish Cottages.

Treshnish Birdlog

To keep up to date with the bird life and wildlife sightings at Treshnish it is worth looking at Prasad’s blog.   It is wonderful having records now going back over 10 years.  Long tailed tits have been seen over the last few years in the woodland along the track.  This year Prasad has seen adults feeding chicks for the first time.  Proof of them breeding here for the first time.  (Shockingly I still haven’t seen one!)

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Wildlife at Treshnish

Have you had a look at our wildlife page?   It gives you a brief idea of the variety of wildlife you might see during a stay here.   We are happy to advise where to go to increase your chances of seeing things. We can also recommend local guides to go out with.

Birds of Treshnish And North Mull cottages sunset