Beaches on Mull

There are a good number of sandy beaches on Mull, and several lovely ones are within a few miles of Treshnish. The most well known one and classed as ‘one of the world’s best beaches’ is Calgary, and it is wonderful… but there is something magical about the black sands of Kilninian beach. The views across Loch Tuath to Ulva are beautiful and out towards the Treshnish Isles, their dark silhouettes on the silvery horizon.

Kilninian beach Mull

We had the beach to ourselves today. We built a bonfire in a fire bowl, and cooked sausages. Boys built dams. Some of us swam. A boat came in to anchor. The sun shone a lot of the time. Dramatic light and high clouds bringing occasional showers.

Mull beach building dams

Hours passed, enjoying the sun and the lapping of the incoming tide.

Mull beaches August

Highland cattle graze right on to the beach. They had left their mark in the sand before we arrived, and were back up on the raised beach.

Playing Mull beaches

Beaches on Mull