Aurora borealis time-lapse

Aurora Borealis time-lapse

I made an Aurora borealis time-lapse on the 21st December 2015.   This is my blog post from the following day:

I could see the forecast was quite strong for a display and yet it was cloudy. For some reason I woke up at 5 this morning and checked the camera to find it was beautifully strong. What a lovely start to a Sunday! Farmer had a less enjoyable start as he headed off to do some of the winter chores and misread the weather signs. It looked clear so he didn’t put waterproof leggings on and came back totally drenched from a chilling heavy shower of almost hail.

Aurora borealis time-lapse morning

Aurora borealis time-lapse early

The forecast remained strong all day, and looked good for the evening. We had been invited out for a meal to Am Birlinn so I wasn’t going to be able to spend my evening chasing the gaps in the clouds! Farmer kindly agreed to set off earlier than planned to go to Croig before we met our friends. The cloud was frustrating as was, I hate to say it, the beautiful moon – I can’t imagine what the colours would have been like had there been no moon. Still, as always, it was lovely down there. The house by the fishermen’s jetty looked inviting and cosy with lots of decorations lighting up the windows. The occasional call of a heron and a fright from the pump on the dinghy by the wall.

Aurora borealis time-lapse Mull

A heavy shower of rain took us back to the car, and we started to drive back towards Am Birlinn. Because it was windy, the clouds disappeared again and it was safe to get the camera out again.

Croig aurora borealis time-lapse

island lass aurora borealis time-lapse

I have posted one Aurora borealis time-lapse on YouTube and a second one, also on YouTube here.

We had a lovely meal at Am Birlinn and then headed for home. Only a few more nights before Christmas, and we have something lovely happening every evening – it is starting to feel a lot like Christmas! We sent out a newsletter today, thanking our guests for their continued support during 2015 and wishing them a Happy Christmas.