Another Aurora Borealis forecast

Farmer woke me at 2 in the morning this morning because he could see a green glow in the sky, and lots of stars. It was well worth getting up to check, as this time the camera caught something.


I spent 2 hours outside. It was quite windy and I have a damaged lens so most of my photographs are a little soft, but the colours the camera caught this time were stronger than the ones we ‘saw’ within the Arctic Circle last weekend, so I am not complaining. We are so lucky here that there is very little light pollution. There was enough light from the moon to walk around the field without a torch, and the stars were so bright.







I crawled back into bed at 5am. (feeling a little tired now). Farmer is off out gathering as we are hoping to scan our sheep to see how many are in lamb, not in lamb and having twins.