Another aurora alert

There have been a few frustrating aurora alerts for the Northern Lights recently. It does get my hopes up, only to be let down again, when the forecast is wrong. They raise expectations. The last few days have seen intense solar activity and we have had cloud cover so have not been able to see anything. Tonight the cloud cover isn’t 100% so I will be looking out frequently to see what I can see. (Nothing as yet)


Daughter and I abandoned Farmer last weekend and headed as far north as we could go in a long weekend, which seems like a very long way. We got as far as Tromso in Norway.


Unfortunately the solar activity was not very strong and the clouds remained stubbornly over head when darkness fell, so we only glimpsed some greens when there was a break in the clouds..



It was still a magical weekend, and made me realise how very lucky we are to see what we can see here from our own garden, without having to drive round for hours in mini-buses searching, as they do in Norway!


I’m off outside to look again….just in case the aurora alert rings true tonight…