The Treshnish and Haunn Cottages are located on a High Nature Value Farming farm near Calgary in the north west of the Isle of Mull. This beautiful farm is sensitively managed so as to benefit conservation and increase bio-diversity.

Our family have been farming here since 1994, and in this time we have seen the bio-diversity and wildlife improve dramatically.

We won the UK RSPB Nature of Farming Award in 2011 in recognition of our wildlife friendly farming.




Treshnish Farm is interesting from a wildlife enthusiasts point of view. There are many different habitats such as Atlantic Hazelwoods, wetland, herb rich grassland, upland moorland, peat bog, and coastal heath.  The farmland rises from sea level to 210m (Cruachan Treshnish) which means that you can see a great variety of species without going too far!

High Nature Value Farming

Our sheep and the summer grazing cows are a vital part of High Nature Value Farming (farming for Conservation and Wildlife). They create and help maintain the wildlife habitats.

  • We stopped using artificial fertiliser in 1996.
  • We were certified as an organic farm from 1999 to 2009.
  • Bio-diversity increases year after year.
  • No artificial fertilisers.
  • We rely on a system of FYM and field rotation.
  • Members of LEAF – Linking Environment and Farming.
  • Quality Meat Scotland members.


We have been keeping wildlife sighting records since 2006 and we also keep a Farming Diary. Guests staying in our cottages can browse Prasad’s book (Birds of Treshnish and North Mull) in the Phone Room/Library. Each eco cottage has a copy of ‘Treshnish Flora and Fauna’ to refer to.

The Haunn field (next to East, Middle and West eco cottages) is the donor meadow for Argyll in the Coronation Meadow Project (in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Coronation) which will help restore and create wild flower meadows.

Please look at Prasad’s blog for his wildlife sightings.  Here is a blog which I wrote for the High Nature Value Farming website.