A winter’s night

We have had a few days of colder weather with temperatures dropping to freezing at night every now and then – just as a winters night temperature should!  One morning last week it was too icy for us to get Daughter to the school bus at Calgary, as the road is not usually gritted between our turning and Calgary.  It was quite nice to have a stay at home Snow Day – it has been a while since the last one!

aurora mull night

For all the drier colder weather we have still had quite cloudy skies, but yesterday we had glorious sunshine, and Farmer had some errands to run, so I went too.  He dropped the livestock trailer off at Torloisk Farm, and then we went to Ballygown on another errand which involved a cup of tea and catch up with Jeanette, and booking ourselves in for her Burns supper on Saturday night.

aurora mull night bright moon

The weather forecast was for cloud so I didn’t hold out much hope of seeing the Aurora which was forecast, but actually I was really lucky.  It might have been bitterly cold but as the wind got up a bit the skies cleared.. to reveal a great sky, even though the moon was very bright.  The top left hand corner of the photograph above shows a green blob, I have never seen a detached ‘blob’ like that in an aurora before!

Aurora moonlight night Mull

I even got as far as Croig, my very favourite aurora photographing place!  I stood listening to the jurassic sound of the Herons, and the wonderful call of the Oystercatchers and to the sound of the wind in the trees.

Croig night aurora Mull

Eventually I got too cold and headed for home again.  The Merrie Dancers were still dancing, but I couldn’t stay up any longer, so I set the time-lapse and went to bed enjoying the visual memory of a winter’s night to remember.

aurora winters night camera mull