2017 bookings

We have set the prices for 2017, and so bookings can now be made directly using our online booking system. The table above the Availability Calendar shows the prices for 2016, so to see the prices for 2017 weeks, you need to click on the week and cottage you want on the calendar itself and that will reveal the price for that cottage/week. Please get in touch if you have any further queries.

Cottages Mull evening sun 2017 bookings

Mull cottages April sunset Treshnish 2017 bookings

Lambing is well under way now, with what seems like dozens of twin lambs in the Haunn field – all manner of lamb racing and playing going on, followed by mad panicky dashes back to their mums, bleating at the tops of their voices. Lambing has its ups and downs. Lambs that don’t make it, ewes that don’t make it either and it is upsetting and soul-destroying for Farmer to find, despite his best efforts and 16 or 17 hour days, that he cannot be in the right place at the right time at the same time. He cannot be everywhere. Last night we found two separate lambs without mums, and had to bring them home as it was going to be very cold, and they wouldn’t have survived without their mothers – needing both their warmth and their milk.

Treshnish Isles cottages evening 2017 bookings

We do still have a couple of gaps before the middle of May, so please have a look if you think you would like to take a last minute break.

Treshnish Mull cottages evening light bookings 2017